Welcome to "Conjure Gendai Reiki Academy" !


I am Conjure, Gendai Reiki Master and the owner of "Conjure Gendai Reiki Academy.".

Conjure is named after my family name: Kojima changed to Konjama, Conjerma, Conjure. 


I founded this academy to instruct "Gendai Reiki-ho (Modern Reiki Method)" which was incorporated both features of Western Reiki-ho and Japanese traditional Reiki-ho by Hiroshi Doi sensei, Gendai Reiki healing forum representative and the auther of Modern Reiki Methond for Healing and it grows and becomes more prominent not only in Japan but in the world.


I am a Master member of Gendai Reiki Network (GRN) where Doi sensei is a honorary adviser, 

GRN was incorporated and registered as a nonprofit organization, that promotes dissemination of ethical practice/teaching of Gendai Reikiho. 


 Doi Sensei still keep improving Gendai Reiki-ho in his seminar with his latest textbook in Japanese.


"Conjure Gendai Reiki Academy" has made best efforts to offer the latest Gendai Reiki-ho in English based on GRN guidance and the feedback from Doi sensei's seminar and his latest textbook.



My dream is to conjure all of you by Gendai Reiki.

The more people learn and put Gendai Reiki-ho into action in our life, the more peaceful and harmonized world, we can realize. 


Please join us at Conjure Gendai Reiki Academy and lead a better quality of life!





 FYI, Reiki energy Lineage from Usui Sensei to Conjure via Doi Sensei is as follows.


□ 臼井 甕男 (伝統霊気療法 / 臼井霊気療法学会 初代会長) 

     Usui Mikao, Usui Reiki Ryoho 1st President
□ 武富 咸一 (伝統霊気療法 / 臼井霊気療法学会 第3代会長) 

    Taketomi Kannichi, Usui Reiki Ryoho 3rd President

□ 小山 君子 (伝統霊気療法 / 臼井霊気療法学会 第6代会長) 

     Koyama Kimiko, Usui Reiki Ryoho 6th President

□ 土居 裕(現代霊気法 / 現代霊気ヒーリング協会 代表) 

     Doi Hiroshi, Founder of Gendai Reiki-ho and Gendai Reiki healing forum rep.

      Conjure, Conjure Gendai Reiki Academy