Gendai Reiki Network (GRN)

 GRN will offer people opportunities to know Reiki, give correct information, hold Reiki seminars/workshops/gatherings as lifelong learning items, and encourage Gendai Reiki masters having progress in Reiki skills and creative practices.

The goal of GRN is to contribute to realization of harmonized society by these activities.

* Conjure is a Master member of GRN.


【 GRN History 】
Gendai Reikiho is constructed as a practice for people of today, that incorporates both features of Western Reikiho and Japanese traditional Reikiho, and it grows and becomes more prominent not only in Japan but in the world.
Since 2003, Genda Reikiho masters has held open-Reiki-Koryukai(gathering) several times in a year, and about a hundred people joined each time. Many participants in the Koryukai started to learn Gendai Reikiho, and the number of Gendai Reikiho masters became 300 (as of Dec.2004). 
As the Western Reikiho population grows in Japan, the necessity of educational standards and correct Reiki information increases, so that we need to have people recognize Reikiho as a effective natural treatment and as a tecnique to raise the quality of life, we need to teach correct Reikiho.
In order to continue these activities in well-balanced condition, Gendai Reiki Network (GRN) was incorporated and registered as a nonprofit organization, that promotes dissemination of ethical practice/teaching of Gendai Reikiho. 
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