We are pleased to provide Gendai Reiki Seminar (Attunement), Gathering (Shares), Workshop, healing sessions .in Yokohama area or in your room/house/requested facility with additional fee.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  conjure.reiki@gmail.com



Gendai Reiki Seminar (Attunement)


Seminar fee includes Text, Certificate of Gendai Reiki Level

We use the latest text made by Doi-sensei,  Gendai Reiki founder.  


Level 1  Shoden ¥20,000  3 to 5 hours

 Basic Healing to obtain Reiki healing ability

 Open Reiki energy path. Learn basic knowledge and techniques.


Level 2  Okuden ¥30,000  3 to 5 hours

 Advanced healing to improve Reiki healing ability

 Get sympols and mantras and improve quality and power of Reiki energy.

 Learn distant healing, healing to the past/future

Level 3  Shinpiden ¥40,000  4 to 6 hours

 Special Training for Spiritual Growth to aim at peacefuland stable mind

 Learn self-purifying and creative way of life.

 Guide to enlightenment that Usui Sensei reached


Level 4  Gokuikaiden/Master ¥80,000  5 to 7 hours

 Mater's training to practice deeper to be a Reiki master

 Learn the way of life as aReiki master

 Understand the truth of Reiki-ho and learn teaching method including attunement.



 Level 1, 2, 3    Set    \90,000 ->   \80,000

 Level 1, 2, 3, 4 Set  \170,000 -> \150,000



Healing Sessions


Trial Session  15 mins   \2,000

Reiki Session  50 mins   \5,000




Healing Sessions


Trial Session  15 mins   \2,000

Reiki Session  50 mins   \5,000



Onsite Seminar/ Healing Sessions


Onsite Seminar/ Healing Sessions are available with additional cost such as transportation fee and rental place fee if applicable.


If you have any questions, please ask us at  conjure.reiki@gmail.com