Gendai Reiki remarkable big event will be held between March 15 to 19, 2012 in Kyoto as follows.

The theme of this event is“結(Yui)” , Be United. We hope that all Reiki practitioners on earth will get connected and establish strongties each other. We believe the event will be successful and give some great opportunities for every one of you.

We are doing all the best and enjoying preparing to entertain you at the event.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person in the beautiful spring time in Kyoto!


YUI 2012 Gendai Reiki Network International Gathering


Please see the following Invitation & Info PV(YouTube)


Please see the Detail (Flyer)


March 15 Thu. Welcome Reception

March 16 Fri.

 Experience“ ZEN” at Shinju-an in Daitoku-ji Temple

 Exploring tour of traditional Kyoto town

March 17 Sat.

 GRNI Kick off meeting*

   * only Gendai Reiki practitioners can participate in this program 

  International gathering


March 18 Sun. REIKI PARTY vol.2

 Nagauta performance by Kiyohachi Okayasu, The seventh-gen. Nagauta Master

 Lecture & Discussion:

   REIKI by Hiroshi Doi

   AIKIDO by Koretoshi Maruyama Aikido Yuishinkai

   ZEN by Sousho Yamada, chief priest of Shinju-an

 Issei (Simultaneous)  Reiju by Doi sensei

 Instrumental Music Live for Meditation by Hiroki Okano


March 19 Mon.

 One-day Hike in Kurama (Optional tour)

 Hiking & Visitsiting Mt. Kurama and Kurama Temple

 Hot spring experience and casual party afterwards